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NOTE: I recently learned that there had been problems with my website including email and comment, printing The Casting Exercise, and others. For that I apologize, and have taken the time to try to learn how to do the HTML myself to make everything work properly. (Apparently multiple problems with the WYSIWYG web building program I used before.)

If you have been here before, left a comment, or tried to send me an email by clicking on my email address, and never got a response, please try again. If you don't hear from me in a few days I may be out fishing and have no service, or it may not have come thru. Either way consider taking the time to copy my email address and sending me the info thru your email. I will greatly appreciate that and will take immediate steps to find the problem and correct it. (Keep in mind I am into fishing, not website building!)

Now, let's take a look at how this site is set up so you can cruise around, see what is offered, and find what you are looking for with a brief description of the pages on this site. The site guide is at the top of every page so it's easy to jump from page to page by simply clicking on the page listed. (This list is linked to the pages too.)

Home: That's where you are now.

Choosing the best Compound Rod for you: This explains what to think about, in determining the best rod for what you go after, before placing your order.

Compound Fly Rods: This page has photos of the 6 primary fly rods, info on their range of use, and how to order.

Compound Spin Rods: On this page is the info on the spinning rods, their range of use, and how to order.

Compound Bait Rods: This is the page that provides the info on the bait rods, their wide range of use, and how to order.

Discounted Fly Rods: This page lists several rods that were either extras built, based on the request of a customer, or experimental. All great rods, and available by special order, but I am now focusing on the 6 primary rods.

Special Order a Compound Rod: Here's the info needed if you want to order something other than the primary 6 in fly rods, spin rods or bait rods.

Compound Rod Repairs:If you have broken one of the rods please send me a photo, and fully describe, the damage and I'll let you know if it's repairable, or, if you wish, convertible to in-line.

Who invented the Compound Rod?: A look at the inventor and the history of the rod.

Who is this ffp?: A look at yours truly so you know who you're dealing with.

Building the Compound Rod: This looks at what I go thru to properly build the rod.

The Techie page: This page is the technical stuff put together by Jerry. Very interesting, if you're into technical.

Compound Rod FAQ's: This page may have the answer to your question(s). If not, email me and I'll do my best to answer. I may even add yours to the page, if it's a good one.

What does the "C" stand for?: This is a fun look at some of the possible meanings of the C in ffpC-rods.

"That won't work!": This is a 3-part book I wrote on fly fishing. Available as a pdf file.

The Casting Exercise: Here you can copy/paste a casting exercise that will, if followed exactly, improve your fly casting results.

Where to fish cd's: Info on some that I built regarding where to fish on waters in Oregon. Shows surface maps, best fishing spots, photos and info sheets on when to be there and what to use.

Trusted links: There are not a lot but these are worth knowing.

ffp Fishing Reports: This is an info page, on fly fishing, and a link to a blog site where I post reports on wherever I've been.

Hope you enjoy the information available here and that everything works like it's supposed to. Don't hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions you don't find answered on my site. If I'm not available on my cell (I think I'm part of the 3% not covered by my provider.) leave me a voice mail and I'll get back to ASAP. Just make sure to let me know what time is the best to call so I don't wake you up or disturb something important.

Note: all of the prices listed on this site are based on the previous costs of building the rods, etc. I will try to keep the price lists up-to-date, based on cost changes up or down, so the price I quote on Special Orders may be different than that listed. (Sometimes I forget to note little changes like that.)

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