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Building the C-Rod

Each ffpC-Rod rod that I deliver is built one at a time by me. (There are spin, bait and fly rods still available that Jerry built.)

Before it is delivered I test the rod to make sure that it meets the demands of casting ease and sensitivity, and will carry the full range of lines, and work the fish, for which it is rated.

Jerry spent the time, while developing the rods, to find the best locations for the guides for each Compound Rod model, to provide you with the highest degree of response from each of the rods. These are measured, and marked, and re-measured, to make sure they are right before any work begins on the rod. Then I use a technique to test to make sure the guides are in the best possible position and it is flexing as it should. There are differences in every blank and this done to provide the best possible placement of the guides. They are then are wrapped carefully to provide the smoothest wrap I can provide that holds the guides for as they should be.

On the fly rods I use a series of single footed guides, a hand formed grip and a black and gold, or black and wood grain reel seat, but can do those in different colors. That may, however, slow the delivery time while I get different rod building materials.

When building the spin or bait rods I use the same high quality materials. (My name is attached to these rods and I sure don't want that to become associated with something of low quality!)

Whether it is an original "bayonet" (no longer available in most models), or the in-line model, you will get the same easy casting, phenomenal sensitivity, wide range of line weight ability and the strength to play the fish based on its heaviest line weight capacity.

If you wish to order a rod with special colors, guides or seats, that is possible, just keep in mind that there may be a higher cost of production because of the higher cost of some materials. For a custom rod, the price will increase by the cost of the custom materials.

It's not just a few wraps around the eye bases when these rods are built. Each blank is carefully checked to find its "spine", as this then determines the placement of the reel base and grip to provide the best response from this "spine" effect. The rod blank is then cut to allow the addition of the Compound tip and each rod is measured, individually, to find the best locations for the placement of the eyes.

Once the eyes are wrapped on, before sealing the threads with epoxy, the rod is again tested for the eye placement to make sure they are in the best possible location. There are "approximate" locations on where to put the eyes, but each rod has its own "flex personality" and must be fine tuned for the best results. When this is completed only then will the epoxy be applied and the rod set on the rotator device to properly cure it.

After it has cured, for at least 24 hours, I will personally take it out and test it for action and response. If it doesn't go right it is pulled down, retested then reset and tried again. Don't worry, you won't get one that hasn't been built to its maximum capacity.

As you can see, building the rods is not just a simple case of laying down the rod, marking predetermined measurements for the eyes and wrapping them on. I am very dedicated to making sure that any rod you get provides the greatest return in value that you can get. After all is said, I won't build and sell a rod that I wouldn't use, and be proud to have, myself.

Questions? Feel free to email me, call me, or get Skype and watch for when I'm on-line, and ask any you have. I'll do my best to answer them immediately.

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