What does the "C" mean?

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What does the "C" mean?

Many people ask what the C in C-Rod stands for. Here are some answers to that question. They all start with "C":

Casting: This rod casts easier than anything developed since bamboo because it loads and delivers with minimal effort. By "loading" the rod from the tip down it flexes at the prime area of return for effort on a rod, delivers greater inertia to the line resulting in longer casts and provides greater accuracy in the delivery while still allowing a "soft approach presentation" to the water.

Catching: Because of the sensitivity, unlike a standard graphite rod, you will feel the slightest changes in tension on the line.This makes it easier to feel soft hits, and set the hook, and miss a lot less fish that mouth your fly, spinner or bait. All of the fly rods have the sensitivity of a 1 weight rod and all of the bait and spin rods put an ultra-light to shame, regardless of their line weight rating.

Comfort: Because of the ease in casting you can fish for a longer time without the tiring of the arm, shoulder and back that you see on a standard rod. This also lessens the discomfort felt the next day in the arm, shoulder and back.

Comprehensive: With the line ranges that can be worked on these rods, you don't need to carry several rods with you, just one. At the same time just one reel with extra spools with all of the lines you may need for whatever size fish and conditions you may face. No other rod offers the same wide range of workable line weights.

Consistent: Unlike many of the rods on the market today, you will find a consistency in how the rods work, feel and fish regardless of the line weight rating of the rods. The light (1-7), Medium (3-9) and the Heavy (5-11) cast with the same ease.

Cost: The price on one of these rods is comparable to lots of other rods on the market but keep this in mind. With the C-Rod you have the ability to work a wide range of lines, and fish, with just one rod. You don’t need to buy 4 or 5 rods, and reels, to cover your needs. Now compare the costs.

Casual: This rod doesn't require an absolute perfection in your casting. With the ability of the rod to deliver very forgiving, and works well under a wide range of conditions, it can even make a beginner look well practiced in their casting and catching efforts. This rod doesn't require practice every day to be used properly.

Completion: After 10+ years of research with the inventor, Jerry Kollodge, you have the best in the "C" rod. It's a high grade graphite base with the added ability of the fiberglass tip. This combination of materials developed thru extensive testing, measuring and perfecting the adapter and tip specifications, provides the most exact return for your money. At the same time you have an in-line version available for the "aesthetically challenged" that cannot handle the different appearance of the adapter tip.

Compound: Anything made by combining two or more things to accomplish something. When the compound bow first came on the market there were many "experts" said it was just a flash and wasn't worth having. Tell that to the users today. The C-Rod is the same giant leap forward in rods that the compound bow was to bows.

Conservation: Something most don't think about is the conservation side of the Compound Rod. With its ability to handle a wide range of line weights, and a large range of fish sizes, it takes less in materials to experience great fly fishing. Instead of needing 3 or 4 rods, and all of the materials used for those, you can usually get by with just one rod. The same holds true on the spin and bait rods. 1 rod, wide range of fishing and probably just 1 line to handle them all.

Cool: With just a little effort you can make some fantastic casts. Those around you will be very impressed with your abilities when it comes to casting.

Caring: Believe it, or not, I really do care about supplying you with the best choice in rods FOR YOU! These are not rods that can be "mass produced" on a production line so it won't be one that is found in stores all over the world. Each one is built, by hand, with the very same quality and care as the one I use. When I recommend a rod for you it's because I believe it will accomplish the greatest range of fishing efforts for you and will save you money in the long run. (Granted, I'd love to have lots of folks request 3 or 4 rods at each purchase, but that's not what I aim at. I intend to help make the pleasures of fishing more enjoyable, more productive and less expensive with the "C"-Rods.)

If you think of even more good descriptions I can use for "C" in C-Rods, please send it to me.

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