"That Won't Work!"

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"That Won't Work!"

The title of the book comes from all of the times I have heard that line stated while I was catching fish and they weren't.

The book is set in 3 sections to cover different areas.

In Section 1 there are a lot of the basics about fly fishing, the biology of the fish and the entomology that is part of actually getting fish to take the fly.

In Section 2 you will find a lot of the "accepted standards" in the world of fly fishing on casting methods, how to tie the different lines together, and other parts of the sport.

Section 3 is what I actually started writing in the first place and looks at a lot of different areas, conflicts with the "accepted standards" and most get the comment, "That Won't Work!", the most often.

In Section 3 you will also find the "Casting Exercise". I have taught countless others how to cast properly using this technique. I have also used it too many times to count to help others break bad casting habits and improve their casts enough to have others ask them how long it took to get that good, and could they help them improve their casting.

I changed the format of the book after I had written a good portion about what "won't work". I was in a shop and watched the reaction of a couple there that was retiring and looking into the costs of "taking up" fly fishing. The shop owner handed them a piece of paper that had all of the figures for what it would cost to get started. You could tell by the shocked look on their face that they would never get started.

I waited outside until they came out and said "If you buy me a cup of coffee I'll show you how to get started for maybe $500 for both of you." They took me up on that and I spent about 3 hours with them talking all about the expensive (if you're not careful) sport and how to enjoy it.

Following that effort I went home, deleted the entire contents of the original effort at "That Won't Work!" and went to work on the current version.

I also looked into "publishing" the book but was turned off by the cost factor when it came time to sell it to others. It went totally against one of my goals and that was to get others started as cheaply as possible. With that in mind I decided to make it available thru my site, as a pdf download file, so there was no "publishing" cost, no paper use, except for the pages you want to print, and I could make it just a minor cost for those buying it. It's available here for $10. All you need to do is click on the PayPal box below, make the payment and include your email address info and, when I get the order, I'll send you a copy of the file.

To give you an idea of what is in there here are a couple of excerpts:

The water temperature can be a critical part of survivability for the fish too.

The level of dissolved oxygen in the water is determined by the temperature of the water. The best amount of dissolved oxygen is about 8% and that occurs in about 52 degree water. At 70 degrees the amount has made a significant drop, especially when you consider the efficiency of the fishes gills.

When trout take in water with a level of 8% dissolved oxygen, what leaves their gills is about 3%. Drop the oxygen level a couple of points and it is kind of like us trying to run at the 10,000 foot elevation. For trout the possibility of recovering drops greatly at 70 degrees, and at 75 degrees, generally, fatal. These temperatures are higher for "warm water" fish like bass. (More on this in the book)

The "Other" Crosswind Cast

The "other" crosswind cast is best to describe as a "reverse release", and works well when there is a strong wind coming in on your casting arm side and causing line confusion problems. All you have to do is turn your back on the water, and cast backwards.

To do the "reverse" cast, run the hose out behind you. Now, do your regular casting, but, instead of releasing the line in the forward cast, release it on the back-cast. (More on this in the book,)

Excerpt from "matching the hatch" portion:


While fishing a stretch of river where the Salmon Fly hatch was happening, and watching flies drift by untouched, I watched several people below me using stimulator's to imitate the fly, and none of them were having any success in that method. At the same time, the fish were attacking a fly on the end of my line. It only took a few catches for one of those people to approach me and ask what I was using.

The trick is to use something that is somewhat similar but not exact. For this, I had changed over to a dark Elk Hair Caddis, an intermediate sinking tip line and some fluorocarbon tippet material. (More on this in the book.)

There is also a full casting exercise in this publication that I referred to earlier that is easy to follow, takes about 2 hours to complete, and has helped both beginners and experienced develop very good casting habits.

As you can see, there are some statements that many will look at and quote the title of the book. Get a copy and see how much it helps you in doing better at what can be a very frustrating sport.

I'll be honest. For some time I trusted everyone to be honest and, after downloading a copy, stop by and drop off $10 for the book. Research has shown that is not what has taken place so now, if you want a copy, just hit the PayPal button below, fill out the info and I'll be notified of your purchase. As soon as I get the notification I'll send you a copy of the file that you can browse thru, print the pages you want to print (it's in a 5.5 X 8.5 page size format or, if you would rather have it in 8.5 X 11 let me know) and feel free to email with any questions you may have. (The fee for the book helps pay for further "research" trips in case I want to write a second one that is more focused on other areas that "Won't Work!".)

If you have any questions regarding the book feel free to send them to me. I'll do my best to answer them.

Use this to order a pdf file version of the book, "That Won't Work!".

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