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Some safe links

These are all links that I have used, have found to be very responsive and have had no problems with them giving out the contact info to others. Hope they work as well for you as they have for me.

Before we get further into the links there is something worth mentioning. Always check with the local shops in the area you are fishing before you go to the sites listed here for something. They are usually up to date on the "local" info regarding what's working and where the fishing is the best. If nothing is available then do check here.

I've done a few and hope to do lots more now that the moving process is finished and the weather should be getting better.

Need flies at great prices? Stop by and check out what they offer. I checked out a bunch of their flies, down to size 24 and found they were very high quality. The prices will surprise you too.

Personally I prefer AirFlo fly lines and the reasons are longevity and float ability, for the dry, and the sink rate for the sinking. With all of the fishing I have done I've had them last as much as ten years and only replaced because I had cut the tip back almost to the taper on the dry line. If your local shop doesn't carry it you can order it thru Cabelas.

Some great fly tying materials are available from Targus. Stop by their site and check it out. I do know you can order it thru the River City shop in Beaverton, OR. (They also have the AirFlo lines.)

Heading to the Rogue River and looking for a guide that prefers bamboo rods, ties great flies and know the river completely? Check out Dave Roberts at for info on tying flies and how and where to use them.

For a really nice reel, with smooth spools for changing lines, check out the Snowbee fly reels and, if you want to order one, you can do that thru (They also offer a great guide service and are into the spey casting.)

Another guide to check out, who works the Umpqua and several other rivers in Southern Oregon, is Gary Lewis. Long term guide on a bunch of waters in Southern Oregon. (Tell him flyfishingphil said "Hi!" when you talk to him.)

If you are headed up to B.C., and want to deal with some really nice folks in the guide business, check out Outstanding people.

Want to work on your casting while watching TV? In an area too small to practice your casting with a full rod? Check out the gadget made by world recognized casting instructor Floyd Dean at his site

Want to enjoy an internet show about flyfishing? Sign up today at and get weekly notices of what’s on.

Looking for something to float around in but don't want a boat. Dave Scadden, North Fork Outdoors, has what I (and many others) consider to be the ultimate in floatation. A little more expensive, but check out the quality and warranty.

For a drift boat that is nearly unbreakable, and nearly unsinkable, stop by Hog Island Drift Boats and check them out.(I tested one for about 3 months and if I ever buy a drift boat it will be one of these. Nice people too. John's a little crazy, but he really cares about his customers.)

Looking for a real classy, and classic, style wooden still water pram built in Eagle Point, OR? Check out the photo then email Mark Parker for information in sizes and prices.

photo of wooden pram for one person

Need some reel repairs? Check out in Grants Pass, OR. Top line repairs.

Conservation? Concerned about invasive species? Check out a couple of sites that are full of info at and

Looking for a fly fishing club in your area? The Federation of Fly Fishers has a listing of just about every fly club that exists, plus lots of other info regarding conservation and education. Check them out.

Do take the time to find out more about the fly fishing clubs in your area or the area you are visiting. See when and where their meetings are and stop by. I haven't been to a club meeting yet where I didn't receive a warm and friendly greeting and get lots of information on local waters. (Along with lots of invitations to join members in their local outings planned for while I was there.)

Keep an eye on my "Links" page. I do add some in from time-to-time that i have found to be worthwhile. I fyou know of one that is trustworthy, and valuable, let me know and I may post it here.

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