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NOTE: Before ordering a rod please do us both a favor and email or call me regarding availability of what you want. I build them 1 at a time and, sometimes, there seems to be a sudden run on the rods and I'm sold out. Check first and we'll see if I have one to ship, I'm in the process of building more, or I'm waiting for supplies and it may take a while. We'll discuss it further when you email, call or Skype me.

Compound Fly Rods

Listed here are the &"standard" Compound Fly Rods that I build. These have been chosen as the primary rods because they answer just about all of the needs in fly fishing. These rods, built as Light, Medium and Heavy in design, are all of the same sensitivity level of a 1 weight and cast with a mere flick of the wrist.

At the bottom of the page are the order forms. The one on the top is for ordering the rod if you are going to have it shipped. (For orders outside the U.S. email me first and I'll let you know the shipping cost.) The one on the bottom is for ordering a rod and you will be picking it up. No shipping fee if you pick it up. (To reduce the clutter I removed the order forms from each rod and just did the ones at the bottom of the page.)

To select your rod, on the order forms, just click on the arrow to the right of the slot that currently shows the L27617 rod. This will drop down a list of the 6 standard Compound Fly Rods plus the custom 6' "backpacker" special. Click on the model you want and continue with the purchase.

I ship the rods, also provided for those picked up, in a high pressure PVC tube cut to fit the rod. One end is glued on and the other is left removable. I'll email you to confirm the purchase order before I ship it, or to let you know if there will be any delay, as soon as I receive the order.

Before we look at the Compound Fly Rods there is a fact that needs to be discussed.

Many claim that if you want to cast any distance, cast from a kicker or pontoon boat, or cast with any ease you will need to get a rod that is at least 9' long and, preferably, one 10', or more. This is only true when it comes to the "conventional" graphite rod. That's because graphite was developed for use in the aerospace industry as a lightweight, high strength, MINIMAL flex material. The minimal flex describes exactly why this material was not designed for use such as fishing rods because the degree of flex determines the casting effort requirements and results. The Compound Rods overcome this inherent problem.

Now, let's take a look at what is offered in the "standard" Compound Fly Rods. We'll start with the three, Light, Medium and Heavy 2 piece models. (There will be a copy of the Casting Exercise sent with each rod ordered. I strongly advise that you do the entire exercise before going fishing using the Compound Fly Rod. This will prepare you for the casting so you don't waste a lot of time fouling your casts and cussing at me about the rod.)


Light 2 piece 7 foot 6 inch 1 to 7 weight capacity fly rod
This is the Light, 2 piece, 7' 6" 1-7 weight rod. This rod really surprises people. It casts long distance with minimal effort, makes little fish feel bigger than they are but still has the strength to work the bigger ones. I've used this one on big Browns, up to 11 pounds, Rainbows up to about 8 pounds and Bass up to 9 pounds with no problem. With this rod I have cast into the backing on both 3 and 5 weight lines. (I know, it's impossible to do that with a 3 weight but, after a little practice, you'll see it can be done.) List Price $335.00


Medium 2 piece 8 foot 6 inch 3 to 9 weight capacity fly rod
This is a 2 piece, Medium action, 8' 6" rod that works 3-9 weight lines and is the one that I recommend the most. I actually make less money on this one that I do on some of the others, but I think it's the most versatile of all of the Compound Fly Rods. I've done 9 lb Bass, 12 lb Kamloops Rainbows, 21 lb Browns and have played others that have broken A 10 lb fluorocarbon tippet with little effort. I've also felt, and hooked, little 2" Brookies in fast moving water. The fun part is I cast into the backing a lot, especially when using a 5 weight Type 3 sinking line, without thinking about distance. I've been asked, by too many others to count, how I can cast that far from a kicker or pontoon with that little effort. Great all around rod for just about anything you would be willing to go after with a 9 weight rod. List price $370.00


Heavy 2 piece 8 foot 3 inch 5 to 11 weight capacity fly rod
This is the Heavy, 2 piece, 8' 3", 5-11 weight lines rod. Again, the sensitivity here is unbelievable until you experience it. Unlike the "conventional" rods with this one you can still feel the little ones, 3"-4", messing with your submerged fly, but it has the full backbone strength of the 11 weight rod. What can you go after with that strength? The really great part is it casts with the same ease of the Light rod, delivers great distance with a flick of the wrist and has the fighting strength you want. If you usually go after the bigger ones, over 20 lbs, but want a rod you can use when they aren't there, this is the one. List Price $370.00

Now, if you travel a lot, and need a shorter storage size, let's look at the 4 piece rods.


Light 4 piece 8 foot 1 to 17 weight capacity fly rod
The L4817 is a 4 piece, 8', soft action 1-7 weight line rod. As you can see in the photo the storage size is about 27" making it easy to carry just about anywhere. It has the strength of the 7 weight rod, really easy to cast distance, feels the little 2"ers messing with your nymph and plays anything a "conventional" 7 weight would play. List Price $425.00


Medium 4 piece 9 foot 3 to 9 weight capacity fly rod
The M4939 is a medium action, 9', 4 piece rod that works 3-9 weight lines. Wrist flick casting, short working line for long distance casts, sensitivity of the 1 weight, backbone strength of the 9 weight and stores at 29". If you need a 4 piece this is the one I recommend most often because of the range that it will work in lines, distance and fish sizes. (As you can see I personally think the Medium is the best rod for most users.) List Price $460.00


Heavy 4 piece 9 foot 5 to 11 weight capacity fly rod
The H49511 is a 4 piece, 9', 5-11 weight line rod that covers just about everything that most of us go after when it comes to fish size. 1 weight sensitivity with 11 weight strength, really easy to cast, great distance when needed and breaks down to about 29" for storage purposes. Can't ask for much more than that. List Price $460.00

On the "Choosing the best rod" page I mentioned backpacking and the need of a really short rod for that purpose. This next rod is designed with exactly that in mind. I will be honest and tell you that this one is going to take a little more practice before you can work it to its full potential. There are several reasons I say that. First, it takes a little adjusting to get used to a 6' rod. Second, it throws a really tight casting loop so it's easy to wrap the line around the end of the rod until you get used to it. Third, it is a faster rod so it calls for a little more casting effort than the other Compound Rods. Finally, although it works 3-9 weight lines, it takes a lot of practice to get to where you can cast well the 3 and 4 weight lines. (it's also a great conversation starter when people see you working a 6' rod while kicking around on the water so sometimes it can get a little crowded around you.) MB4639

Medium 4 peice 6 foot 3 to 9 weight capacity fly rod
The MB4639 is a 4 piece, 6', 3-9 weight lines rod that breaks down to about 20" and is a great rod for all around use when you need something easy to pack and carry. (I love going places where there are quite a few people and fishing with this rod because of all the people I get to meet that want to know more about the rod.) This is actually my other "preferred" rod when I go out in my kicker or pontoon. I can set one up with dry line, the other with sinking line and just swap rods real quick when needed. This one makes it really easy to recover wet line and do long casts with little effort. Also easy to put in pouch on the kicker when hiking in to fish a lake. List Price $355

I do stand behind these rods, and your satisfaction in using them, and offer a return policy if dissatisfied. All that won't be refunded are credit card charges and shipping fees as long as the rod is in the same condition as when it was sent to you. That means no scratches, grip stains or rips, and no damage to the rod or tip. So, if you want to order one drop me a line and I'll let you know if I have one on hand. When ready to order just fill out the correct order form below. Payment will be made thru PayPal using these forms.

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Compound Fly Rod Selection

If you have any questions you can use the box below to email me. I'll get back to you ASAP. If I don't answer by the next day you can figure out I am "testing" some rods and don't have any service where I am.

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