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Compound Spin Rods

The Compound Spinning rod brings a whole new world of pleasure to this form of fishing. Why do I say that? Here are a few reasons:

These rods are so sensitive you can actually feel the spinner blades in motion, especially on the lighter ones like the 20 pound rated S2720.

You really need to go out and do some practice casting before you go fishing to prevent way too far casting on the narrower streams. I've heard lots of complaints regarding lost lures from this very circumstance. (Lost in the brush on the other side because they didn't take the time to learn more about the easy casting distance.)

Catching more fish because of the sensitivity of the rod, and it feeling any changes in line tension, and how fast you are into the backbone strength when setting the hook. Considerably less missed fish with the Compound Rod.

Less weight on the end of the line, for longer casts, makes it easier to control the depth you work during the recovery of the line. This, in turn, makes it easier to work various depths and, as a result of that, find more fish.

Let's take a look at what some of the Compound Rods there are. We'll start with what I have on hand, then take a look at some of the other models we've built in the past. If it's not "on hand", you'll need to do a special order for your rod of choice. Just contact me first and I'll let you know if I can build right away, or I'm waiting for supplies and it may take a while before I can get it done. The order forms are below the listing of on hand rods.

On hand as of 8/1/2011


2 piece spin 5 foot 10 pound line rated rod

This is a 2 piece, in-line, 5' rod rated for up to 10 lb test line. Casts surprising distances, extremely sensitive with a great backbone strength. (Lots of folks have tested this at shows and were blown away with how well it worked.) Soft tip but immediate hook setting strength with a short flick of the wrist. List Price $195


2 piece 6 foot 12 pound rated spin rod

This is a 2 piece, in-line, 6' rod rated for up to 12 lb test line. Because of the Compound tip it casts great distances, has outstanding sensitivity and works some pretty good sized fish with no problem. Like all of the other Compound Rods using this one will increase your catch rate! List Price $215


2 piece 7 foot 20 pound rated spin rod

2 piece, in-line, 7' rod rated for 20 lb test line. Look at the eyes and you'll notice that these aren't laid out in the usual pattern you find on most rods. This is done for better performance from the rod, increased backbone strength and the ability to handle fish you go after with 20 lb test line. Just another of the "unconventional" aspects you find in the Compound Rods. List Price $235


2 piece 7 foot 20 pound rated spin rod

This is a 3 piece, surf style rod, with 2 different tips, 13'(+/-) rod rated for 30 lb test line. The longer tip provides a "softer" feel while the shorter tip is a little faster, but both maintain the same level of sensitivity and casting ability. This was first done as an experiment but proved to be a really great surf rod. Only have one but will build again if requested using the Special Order process. List Price $395

To purchase one of these rods please contact me first and I’ll let you know if it’s still "on hand", or it has been sold and I just haven't had the chance to update the list.

Remember, do contact me first and we can discuss cash/certified check discounts on any Compound Rod.

Use this to order the Compound Spin Rods above with shipping fee.

Compound Spin Rod Selection

Use this to order the Compound Spin Rods that you will pick up. No shipping fee.

Compound Spin Rod Selection

I realize the number of Compound Spin Rods listed as "on hand" is limited so here is a list of some of the other models of Spin Rods we have built that shows their action, length, how many section, line weight, if they are in-line or bayonet and their price. If you want more information on these just email me your questions and I'll get back to you ASAP with the answers, price and how long it may take to build your special rod.

Model#_____Action feel_______Length____1 or 2 piece____Line weight______Design type_____Current list price (As of 8/1/11)

S1516_______Med Heavy_________5'_________1 piece__________16 lb____________In-line____________$195

S2510_______Med_______________5'_________2 piece__________10 lb____________In-line____________$195

S25410______Med Soft__________5'4"______2 piece__________10 lb____________In-line____________$195

S1616_______MedFast___________6'_________1 piece__________16 lb____________In-line____________$215

S2610_______Med_______________6'_________2 piece__________10 lb____________In-line____________$215

S2612_______Med_______________6'_________2 piece__________12 lb____________In-line____________$215

S26612______Med_______________6'6"_______2 piece__________12 lb____________In-line____________$215

S2720_______MedFast___________7'_________2 piece__________20 lb____________In-line____________$235

If you wish to order one of these rods please email me before you do the order. Once we have figured everything out on how long it may take to get it finished you can then do a 50% down payment in the next order form. NOTE: If you cancel your order, after I have started on the rod, you will not get your refund until the rod sells.

Down payment on Special Order Spin Rod:

Compound Spin Rod Special Order down payment

When the Special Order Rod is ready for shipping you can finish payment here. Includes the shipping fee.

Final payment on special order w/shipping

Compound Spin Rod Special Order final payment w/shipping

If you are picking up the Compound Spin Rod on Special Order you can make final payment here.

Final payment on Special Order to be picked up.

Compound Spin Rod Special Order-pick up. Final Payment

This is just a quick overview of some of the other sizes built. If you have a specific length/weight you would be interested in just let me know and I'll see what I can do. You can email using the box below.

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