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Compound Bait Rods

When it comes to bait fishing lots of those doing it don't think about little things like sensitivity and casting ability when it comes to their rod choice, and that's too bad. Both of those make a real difference in their catch rate.

The sensitivity is critical when dealing with fish taking what's on the end of your line. How many times have you put your line in the water, watched the rod and saw no movement but, when you recovered the line, found nothing but a bare hook? This is a great example of the value of sensitivity, and how well the rod shows the action at the end of the line. Granted, it's good to feel the bigger ones when they hit, but it's even better when you can feel the fingerling's messing with your gear because you know you are actually wasting your time and effort and you'd better move on to another area in your search for the bigger fish.

When it comes to casting lot's of users don't think about the effect splashing a big weight somewhere around the area you want to fish might have, especially in still water. Having the ability to cast a light weight a greater distance can make a major change in your success rate for 2 reasons:The first is the decrease in the impact of the large weight needed on lots of bait rods to cast any distance.The second is related to the use of the lighter weight which allows more movement on the end of the , when something is messing with it, and the increased ability to see even the lightest touch by the movement in the end of the rod.

Lot's of people mention another "brand name" rod, and its flex, etc, and that's fine. The big difference, in all of the Compound Rods, and the "other guys" rods, is the amount of time spent measuring, down to millimeters nearly, the best place to mount the eyes, do an in-line conversion, or where to mount the "bayonet" mount and the precise size of the add-on tip.

NOTE: As you look closely at the rods it appears that there is something wrong with the way the eyes are mounted. No, there is nothing wrong with them, that is done for a reason. Research showed that mounting the eyes that way, so the line traveled around the rod from top to bottom, made a couple of improvements. First, it allows the use of fewer eyes and that allows the rod to flex more freely, reducing the risk of breakage, and, second, it reduces the friction on the line, helping to increase the distance it casts and improve line life. The Compound Rods are not "mass produced" but built one at a time to meet the demands we placed on ourselves in building a better fishing rod. They cost more because we don't buy thousands of blanks at a time so we don't get a major discount.

With that knowledge shared, let's take a look at some of the Compound Bait Rods

B1616 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering.)

1 piece bait 6 foot 16 pound line rated rod plus bayonet mounted add-on tip

This is a 1 piece, 6' base, plus tip, 16 lb test rated bait rod that can be used anywhere, even waters where you're not going after anything bigger than a small Bluegill or little Brookies. Casts great distance with light weight and you can feel if anything touches what is on the end of the line. List price $215.00

B14450 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering)

1 piece bait 4 foot 4 inch, plus bayonet mounted add-on tip, 50 pound line rated rod

This is a 1 piece, plus tip, 4'4" bait rod rated for 50 lb test line. Great length for storage, in the rig or in the boat, and nearly 6' long when the tip is mounted. The sensitivity of a 4 lb rated rod but the strength of the 50 lb rated rod. Casts really well, handles the big ones with ease and overcomes the usual casting/sensitivity problems of a 4' heavy rod. List price $175.00

B2716 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering)

2 piece bait 7 foot, 16 pound line rated rod

A little softer feeling 2 piece, 16 lb test line rated. Like the B1616 this can be used just about anyplace you want to fish and can handle what you catch on 16 lb line. Great casting distance and I have talked to users that have used it to do spinner work when the bait didn't work. (Might look a little funny doing spinners with a bait reel but, hey, ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do.) List price $235.00

B15680 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering)

1 piece bait 5 foot 6 inch, plus bayonet mounted add-on tip, 80 pound line rated rod

OK, how big do you want to go after? This is the 1 piece, plus tip, 5'6" 80 lb rated rod (The first Compound Rod designed and built for Sturgeon.) that casts like a much longer, softer, rod, has the sensitivity of a 4 lb light rod, the flexibility to let you know when a Sturgeon is checking out what's on the end of the line, but still has the ability to work anything you can work on 80 lb test line. List price $195.00

B2812 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering)

2 piece bait 8 foot, 12 pound line rated rod

A little softer 8', 2 piece, rod rated for 12 lb test line. This is getting into the ones that can handle anything your line can handle but is still flexible enough to make the 6"ers feel bigger than they are. Easy storage, 4' sections, but long enough to do some fancy nymphing and jigging in both still and moving waters. Great casting distances too. List price $255.00

B2820 (On hand as of 8/1/2011 Please check before ordering)

2 piece bait 8 foot, 20 pound line rated rod

This is just a step up, in strength, from the B2812. It is a little stiffer, but it is still sensitive enough to go after the little ones when the bigger ones aren't active, and casts equally well. (Most trying out these rods DO NOT believe how far they can cast compared to the rods they use.) List price $255.00

There is a much longer list of the bait rods that Compound Rods has built (and I don't want to spend 3 days entering it all) so, if you have something in mind, email me with the length and line weight you are interested in and I'll figure out what it would cost to build one.

Use this form to order your Compound Bait Rod if you want it shipped:

Compound Bait Rod Selection

Us this form if you want to order your Compound Bait Rod and pick it up:

Compound Bait Rod Selection

If you wish to Special Order a Compound Bait Rod please email me and let me know what you want. I will gather the info on the cost of building it and let you know when and how much. On Special Orders I require 50% down payment before I start building it. In the event that you decide to cancel your order, after I've started on the rod, I will send you your refund when that rod sells.

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