Discounted Compound Fly Rods

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Discounted Compound Fly Rods

The rods listed on this page were all built by the inventor Jerry Kollodge, of Sisters Compound Rods, and were either built in the process of developing what has become the "standard" Compound Fly Rods, or at the request of a customer for a specific model. (Jerry would usually build several so he would have them on hand if somebody else wanted one.)

The first list of rods are those that I have on hand. The second is a list of some of the other rod sizes that we built on Special Order and are available thru the "Special Ordering a Compound Rod" page.

The prices shown are the list price for each rod. Contact me and I'll give you the clearance price on each rod and a way to order it.

On hand as of 8/1/11

XL26237 2 piece 6'2" 3-7 weight lines. Surprising little rod. "easy learning" rod. List Price $300 (1 avail)

XL2738 2 piece 7' 3-9 weight lines. A little fast than the XL2738. List Price $335 (2 avail)

L2739 2 piece 7' 3-9 weight lines. A little faster than the XL2738. List Price $335 (2 avail)

M37311 3 piece 7' 3-11 weight lines. (Yes it can do that!) Faster rod that works best in the 5-11 range. List Price $335. (1 avail)

H27410 3 piece 7' 4-10 weight lines. Casts great and provides real fighting strength. List Price $335 (1 avail)

H37511 3 piece 7' 5-11 weight lines. Different blank base of H37410. Faster rod. List Price $335 (2 avail)

At the request of others we did build experimental "Spey casting" rods. All use the "bayonet mount" method for their tips. One customer broke his and purchased a new one so they must be pretty good.

Because of the loading traits of the Compound Rod they work much easier than the "standard" Spey rod, and take some time to get used to. I spent a couple of hours with a certified Spey casting instructor with these rods and he had a problem adjusting to the considerably less effort to cast these provide. Initially he found himself doing an actual, full, back-cast when he was just trying to do a simple "roll cast" set up.

Personally I'm not comfortable with Spey casting because I was started with the "double haul" and am not comfortable when I'm not working the line with my left hand. Besides, it just doesn't "feel" right, to me, to use both hands to perform a "fly cast"!

If you are interested in a Compound Spey Rod, let me know and I'll see what it will cost to build one today.


This is a 2 piece, 11', 8 weight or heavier line, with 3 different bayonet mounting tips of varying length. It's a well balanced rod of unbelievable casting ability and extreme sensitivity. Estimated price of $595.00. (Price may change and will reflect "cost to build" price changes.)


This is a 3 piece, 13', 5-9 weight lines and includes 2 butt sections and 2 different length bayonet mounted tips providing several variables on length, response and casting differences. Takes a little time to get used to all of the variables but it offers some really great distance casting and sensitivity. Estimated price $695.00. (Price may change and will reflect "cost to build" price changes.)


This is a 4 piece (easier storage) 13'9" rod with 1 bayonet mount tip that works 5-9 weight lines. Unbelievable casting ability but is recommended for the "knowledgeable" Spey caster. Estimated price of $795.00. (Price may change and will reflect "cost to build" price changes.)

Once you have contacted me, and we have confirmed the availability of the Discounted Fly Rod you want, we can work on the "how to order".

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Any personal information gathered from you, for any reason, will not be shared with others except under circumstances related to solving any problems related to any purchases made at this location. If that is done the only information that will be given to others will be that approved by you.


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