Special Ordering a Compound Rod

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Special Ordering a Compound Rod

OK, you've landed to the "Special Ordering a Compound Rod" page. That must mean you want something other than what is listed and we need to take a look at how this works.

If you want a rod, other than what I normally build, or a "custom" rod with special eyes, threads grips, etc, send me a list of exactly what you want. Once I receive that list I can get the prices on everything and give you an actual cost of building the rod. If the final price is agreeable I'' provide you with a Model #, for purchase records, so you can then do a "Special Order" and make the down payment. Once it is completed, and ready to ship, I'll let you know and you can make final payment. When that is confirmed, it's on it's way.

On the "Special Orders" I ask that you pay half the total price, the down payment, with the initial order. (This helps prevent me from getting a bunch of money tied up in rods that folks change their mind on before it's ready to ship.) Like I said before, once the rod is completed, and ready to ship, I'll let you know. At that time you make the final and, when the payment is received, it's on its way to you. (You can thank some orders cancelled after the rods were started for this.)

Speaking of that, what happens if you decide to cancel your order after I've started building the rod? You will get your down payment back as soon as your custom/Special Order rod sells. No guarantee on how soon it will sell, but I'll keep the records on it and refund, less any credit/debit card fees I was charged, as soon as it does. (If it's a "standard rod" I can do the refund, less credit/debit card fees, immediately.)

The first order form is for making the down payment. Just click on the arrow at the $ amount and select the amount of the down payment ($100 to $300).

Special Order Down Payment

Now, here is the form for the final payment. I couldn't get the one that allows you to specify amounts so we'll figure out the price to match the available amounts. Just click on the arrow next to the $ amounts a select the final payment we agreed on. ($100-$300 choices available.) This one also charges the shipping fee.

Special Order Final Payment

If this has created a bunch of questions we can work this out by doing it by mail and check, and there's a discount for that too. More on that when we get together on a Special Order.

Send e-mail to flyfishingphil@ffpc-rods.com:





Any personal information gathered from you, for any reason, will not be shared with others except under circumstances related to solving any problems related to any purchases made at this location. If that is done the only information that will be given to others will be that approved by you.

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