Compound Rod Repairs

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Compound Rod Repairs

No, I don't offer a lifetime guarantee with free replacement on the Compound Rods. Why? I don't build enough to get the discount on my blanks that "majors" do so it costs me as much to replace it as it did to build it the first time and there's not a lot of profit in this business. (Love of a pastime doesn't buy meals!)

If you have slammed your rod in a car door, a trunk lid, jammed it into rocks when you fell down, or played a fish wrong and shattered the rod there isn't much chance I can repair it. If it is minor breakage, like a busted tip above the bayonet mount, separation of the rod at the joint on an in-line, or other minor problems it may be repairable. Just email me a good quality photo of the damage, with a full written description, and I'll let you know if you should send it to, or not.

For repairs, that you are the cause of, I only charge what the materials cost for the repair itself. You will pay the shipping fees both directions. (You can get a return shipping label when you ship it and send it along with the rod.) If it is something that is faulty in the rod, or its production, it will only cost you the shipping fee to me. I'll eat the return cost.

When it comes to graphite keep in mind that graphite is similar to bamboo in its structure. An outer “skin”, long fibers (in bamboo there are joints) that are surrounded by filler material and an inner skin. If the fibers are broken anywhere between their starting point and ending point they are not repairable.

A common problem with graphite is faulty casting that results in the hook piercing the rod as it slaps into it. This will create a weak spot in the structure itself that may, at any time, fail and result in the rod showing a fracture. The next common problem is dropping the rod on sharp rocks. This too can result in minute breakage of the fibers, that you can't see, and the rod can fracture at that point at any time. This holds true on all uses of graphite materials. Minute impacts can result in major losses of strength and flexibility that results in breakage at the impact point.

The graphite rods have great strength and flexibility, although that's not what it was originally designed for, when you are using it properly. The trick is to treat it with care the rest of the time as well. Don't just throw it in the back of the rig, drop it on the ground while you do something else, or dump stuff on top of it while it's in storage. Work it hard when fishing, but treat it like a fine piece of crystal the rest of the time and it should last a long time.

I do repair other rods too, but I have to know what type it is, what type of damage it has and, if you can send them, pictures of the damage area. On rod repairs, to other than Compound Rods I built, I will charge for the time it takes to do the repairs as well. (I don't charge a lot for my time though, so no big cost there.)

Questions? Just send them along to me and I'll do my best to answer them. Use the email box below.

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